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As well as writing Asia Cracked, Asia expert Kevin Yeoh consults to businesses who are in Asia, or looking to invest in Asia.

Kevin can be contacted at kevin@asiacracked.com

Kevin’s insight into Asian business has been shaped by his on-the-ground experience of investing in Asian companies as a portfolio manager at AMP Capital and making Asian credit and country risk decisions at Macquarie Group.

Asia’s siren song of growth and large populations has led many to lose money

Asia’s growth potential is a magical lure for Western companies.  However too often Western companies end up losing large sums of money for a range of reasons.

Having been at the coalface of Asian business Kevin is strongly equipped to advise your business of Asia’s potential pitfalls, be it reviewing a potential investment, assessing investment returns, advising on the risks of a certain industry or country, or analysing a market entry strategy.

Kevin has extensive on-the-ground investing experience in Asia

Kevin was a founding member of AMP Capital’s Asian Equities team and helped to manage a portfolio of AUD 1 billion dollars across pan-Asian equities and the Chinese A-share market.  He played a leading role in managing the China A-share fund which was the no.1 ranked A-share fund for 3-year performance in the Lipper survey.

As a fund manager Kevin travelled extensively throughout China and pan-Asia (Mongolia, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia) and invested in a broad range of industries.  He has made numerous on-site visits to banks, auto plants, heavy machinery factories, coal mines, steel mills, ports, property projects and retail companies.

Kevin understands the interests and motivations of a variety of stakeholders in Asia, having regularly met with senior company management, regulators, government and the media.

Pragmatic, strategic advice from an Asian specialist

Kevin is a fluent Mandarin speaker and has worked and studied in China on 3 occasions.  This has given him a unique perspective on China’s incredible development.

He lived in South-Western China in the mid-1990’s, just as the housing market was opening up and in Beijing in 2004, when the city was in the midst of a massive construction boom in preparation for the Olympics.

Most recently Kevin was based in Beijing for 4 years, where he invested in Asian equities.  From this unique vantage point, Kevin experienced an entire Chinese business cycle and saw first-hand the positive and negative policy results of China’s massive 4 trillion dollar stimulus package, from Chongqing’s mind-blowing housing construction explosion to the multi-million dollar implosion of China’s fraud-cap companies.

It is these insights and experiences which makes Kevin your ideal advisor to review your Asian business plans.  His advice is pragmatic and strategic and will help you to chart a clear path for your business’ success in Asia.


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