Made in Taiwan, 1986 – They don’t make them like they used to

Recently my parents were looking after my son and to keep him entertained, they pulled out some of my old childhood toys.  The toy he really liked was the MASK Volcano, an “all-terrain” van.

Volcano in attack mode!

Volcano in attack mode!

I was amazed that Volcano was still practically in mint condition.  And after my son chucked Volcano around the house, Volcano was still standing.

Made in Taiwan, 1986.  Still in good nick.

Made in Taiwan, 1986. Still in good nick.

Turning Volcano upside down revealed some economic history.  “Made in Taiwan” was engraved.  Unusual for today, Kenner, the toy makers, had even imprinted the year – 1986, that it was made.

My mind flashed back to university and East Asian economics 101 – the East Asian newly-industrialising economies and the flying geese model.


The quality of the toy, how solid it is and it’s still working condition also made me think – How many toys made in China today will still be in a similar condition in 26 years time?


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